My journey has begun! Months of planning, researching, and packing finally culminated into a boarding pass and airport breakfast…and I was off.

I landed safely at the San Jose airport, to be greeted by distant mountains and overly aggressive taxi drivers. Pura Vida, baby! Hopped in one of those cabs, and headed to my hostel in Alajuela.

The hostel at first seemed to be nothing special. Alajuela is really a stopover area with close proximity to the airport for one or two night durat. The hostel aesthetically represented that. There was a little balcony on the second floor which enabled friendly conversations amongst strangers.

Then 5pm rolled around, and they opened up their bar and restaurant on the 4th floor! My first Costa Rican meal was a local staple – a casado  (a dinner consisting of rice and beans, pan seared fish, plantains, and salad). Perfect for me!


As the sun began to set, the beers got colder, the city lights began to twinkle, and reality began to sink in. This is really happening. This is my life right now. Man, I’m super lucky.


Tomorrow I’ll update on the arrival of the one and only Alyssa Grebe, and our voyage to the volcano in Arenal!




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