Waterfall and Volcano Hike


La Fortuna Waterfall and Los Logos Volcano Hike

After our day of whitewater rafting, we decided to explore the sites closer to town.

The best aspect of hostels is the ability to meet other travelers.  Welcome to our story, Mahmoud and Julia. (Mahmoud is a traveler from New Jersey who works with refugees and Julia is a traveler from Germany who works in finance.)

The four of us hopped in a cab and headed to the La Fortuna Waterfall. I can’t describe how phenomenal this place was.  After a hike down 500 stairs, you are able to swim in the crystal clear (freezing) water and take the traditional “I’m in a waterfall” picture. Beautiful. The climb back up the 500+ steps – not as beautiful, but entirely worth the workout.



Swimming under the waterfall!


Following the waterfall, we went to a place called Los Lagos on the recommendation of a hostel employee, Pablo. We wanted to go to hot springs, and while we heard great things about a local spot, we wanted to go to a resort and see how the other half lives. SO GLAD WE DID. The receptionist told us of a strenuous hike that begins behind the resort to the closest viewing point of the volcano (it was located in the restricted area inside the perimeter of the volcano). The hike was definitely an uphill battle – but when you arrived it was the most serene feeling in the world.  There were stone benches with a viewing area through the trees on one side, and a hilltop view of the mountains and hotels below. I’ll never forget that view.


Credit to Julia for this picture!


After the hike back down (in the dark – not our best timing), we had a few hours of relaxing at the hot springs: complete with 2 water slides, a swim up bar, a cold natural pool, and 4 individual hot spring pools. Pablo, who suggested the hot springs, was there as well, and we spent the evening relaxing with he and his friends as well.


One of those days that’ll stick with you forever.

(Side note, we went to a restaurant in La Fortuna called Nene’s with Pablo, and they had the best ceviche of life. Wanted to remember this for next time!)



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