Ziplining in Monteverde

We woke up in Monteverde and decided today was the day to soar over the cloud forest! Ziplining in Monteverde is somewhat of a right of passage for the adrenaline junkie – so I was all in.

Alyssa and I booked a package through our hostel and went with a company called Aventura. This may have been one of our best choices the entire trip.

Ziplining was one of the most exhilarating and calming experiences of my life. Aventura has a total of 13 ‘activities’, which include a few basic zip lines to get the hang of things (thankfully, because I wasn’t so good at the start), a 20 foot repel, two superman zip lines, and something called a Tarzan swing.


The superman zip lines were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before (and I’ve bee both skydiving and bungee jumping). Imagine if you would a mile long cable which stretches from one mountain peak to another, and then returns. They strap you in via your harness so that you’re laying flat facing the ground, and you soar – no, fly- a mile over the tree tops. For a moment, I really felt the sensation of flying. All I could concentrate on for a bit was my shadow, some 600 feet below, as it followed me Peter Pan-esq from mountain to mountain. Everyone alive should experience this.


Lastly, the Tarzan Swing. Imagine walking to the end of a bridge suspended about 150ft in the air, and then jumping from it as you’re whipped into a pendulum swing. That’s what the Tarzan Swing is. We had planned on bungee jumping as well, but the Tarzan Swing sufficed that urge.

Aventura – if you plan on going Ziplining in Monteverde, use this company.

A side note: I wanted to leave a picture of my Dad in the tree tops, but I forgot to bring it with me that day. I spoke to Jovan, who runs the company, and offered to drive back the next day if he’d drop it off. Instead, he only requested that I take it to his office in the town, and that he’d drop it from the highest Superman canopy at the ideal time. A week later, I received the most heartfelt and genuine video I’ve ever watched, all thanks to the kindness of a once stranger (now friend). I can’t post the video on here, but it’s public on my Facebook at