Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

The last major stop on our whirlwind Costa Rica adventure was Jaco Beach on the Pacific Coast. To be quite honest, Jaco was probably the least underwhelming stop on our trip.

To start, I didn’t find the beach to be stunningly beautiful. The sand is black due to the volcano, and while it’s quite interesting to look at, it’s scalding hot to walk on. Costa Rica is known for its surfing, but I’ve never been very good at it (aka I really suck at surfing), so we opted against that experience. The water was really warm though, and it was a blast to swim in the waves.


We stayed at an airbnb in Jaco called The Beach Bungalow. It was a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy beach strip, but I didn’t mind the distance. What I did mind however, was the ant colony which insisted upon dominating our lives in the Airbnb. Alyssa would have a daily “ant massacre” (sorry activists and friends of ants alike) which would include getting rid of all the ants which seemed to multiply by the second. Otherwise, the Airbnb was decently pleasant (despite the false promise of AC!), cutely decorated, and run by a family consisting of David (our tour guide, a surf instructor, and probably the chilliest dude you’ll ever meet), his wife Lu (the most adorable and vibrant woman ever), and Sofia – they’re 2 year old little angel.


David, Lu, and Sofia took us to a local beach called Punta Leona, which was exactly what I wanted from a Costa Rican beach. White sand, gorgeous cliffs, palm trees, clear(ish) water, and even some macaws that joined us for lunch.



I heard wonders about the nightlife in Jaco, but in hindsight, that was from my (I really love you guys but…) dear friends who also happen to be the epitome of the male species, and they all seemed to enjoy the nightlife more than both Grebe and I.

Oh well, at least if I’m going to be in a place I’m not crazy fond of, it’s still a place in Costa Rica. Who am I to complain (too much)?

Dads picture got placed into the waves here, and it only took one try to get it taken out to sea with the current.


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