Territorio De Zaguates

Ladies and Gentlemen – the post you’ve all been waiting for. Territorio De Zaguates or The Land of the Strays is home to 900+ stray dogs in Costa Rica.  This nonprofit animal shelter is a NO KILL shelter, which relies solely on the donations of others to keep their business running.  The staff is made entirely of volunteers, they take the time to spay and neuter every single dog (and cat!) that comes through their doors, and they go through over 20 large bags of dog food each week. Since the notoriety a few weeks ago, they have had a influx of tourists and locals alike arrive to the shelter to volunteer to wash dogs, play with them, accompany them on their walks, and see what a wonderful production they have created.  As you can see, I’m rather fond of this animal shelter, and I strongly (STRONGLY) recommend going there if you ever find yourself in Costa Rica.



When I first heard about the Territorio De Zaguates, I was already in Costa Rica with a set agenda, and thought I had missed my opportunity – as Alyssa and I were flying out in a few days. Little did I know (and much to my psychotic excitement), the Land of the Strays is only 20 minutes from the major airport in San Jose.  Obviously we had no choice but to go (honestly, I had no choice but to go, so Alyssa had no choice either as I paid for a shuttle without any hesitation).  When we arrived, it was puppy Heaven on Earth! When you pull through the gates, you park your car….and BAM – 900+ puppies all at your snuggling disposal. I say puppies, but dogs range in age from too young to be adopted to close to the never ending dog bones in puppy heaven.


You can run with them, you can play with them, you can pet them, you can help wash them, you can sing to them, you can tell them your life dreams, and you can donate some money to keep them happy, fed, and loved.  This was an experience that you can only have in one place, and I can’t express how uplifting, jovial, and necessary for you well-being the Territorio De Zaguates will be!


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