Chiang Mai, Day 1

April 27, 2016

My friends from college, Megan, Bridgette, and Bridgette’s boyfriend arrived late the night before, and we woke up, boarded our plane, and headed up to Chiang Mai!

Not sure what this was. We ate it. Not so good.

Chiang Mai is an old city on the foothills of the Himalayas, established in the 1200s. Part of the old wall remains, and the ‘Old City’ which I’m staying in, is still surrounded by the original moat. It’s one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever visited, and also has that perfect local feeling – the largest concentration of Buddhist temples in Thailand are within the city limits.

Beautiful surprise on a random street!



Our first day consisted of a one hour Thai massage ($5), strolling leisurely around the city to get acclimated, and then heading to the nightly Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. It’s roughly a mile and a half long stretch of vendors lining the streets, with random indoor markets dispersed around the streets.


You can do whatever you’d like in that area. They have Muy Thai boxing arenas, something equivalent to a food truck rally, bars, street food, and some of the darker aspects of Thai culture. We had a great time meandering through the streets, but lucky me – I ate a bad batch of mushrooms, had an allergic reaction, and broke out in massive hives. I’m currently lathering myself in cortisone cream, and taking a steroid prescribed by the pharmacist. I’m just going to chalk this up to wanderlust bug, and keep it as a “do you remember when I ate those mushrooms…” experience!

Tomorrow I’ll post about our Monk Chat experience and traditional Thai dinner!



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