Chiang Mai, Day 3

April 29, 2016

After such a great second day in Chiang Mai, Chiang May Day 3 would need to do some serious work.

…and it did.

Friends, meet a Thailand Taxi.


We rented one of these bad boys and headed up into the mountains for a visit to Doi Suthep – the holiest temple in Chiang Mai. The drive took about 45 minutes, and we were greeted to over 500 steps leading up to the great temple. One you get to the top, you’re greeted by a giant gold statue, and a ton of tourists clambering around in circles (guilty). I said this after the Grand Palace in Bangkok and now I’m certain – if something is said to be the greatest temple in the area, avoid it. The smaller ones are just as beautiful (if not more so) than some of the larger ones, and far more pleasant to walk around.


We finished our time at Doi Suthep, and headed to the highlight of the day – The Chiang Mai Canyon! The canyon is an old quarry which has been unused for a long time, so it’s filled with water and has turned into a giant swimming hole, complete with cliff jumping, relaxing tubing, and a great view of the sunset.


The cliff jumping was most definitely a highlight! The height of the highest cliff is just under 45 feet, and I didn’t hesitate for a second (shocking, I know)! Before my friends even finished putting down their stuff, I was launching myself over the edge and plummeting – not so gracefully – towards the water below. Another plus is that temperatures can reach 108 degrees, so any chance to get into water should absolutely be taken!


We stayed until sunset, loaded into the back of our taxi truck, and headed back home with another wonderful memory.

Side note – I brought Dads picture with me to the canyon. I know he’d appreciate it’s beauty, as well as the adventure of the jump. I left the picture in the water, so his memory will be there forever too!


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