Chiang Mai, Day 5 + 6

May 1st and 2nd, 2016

I’ve decided to combine Day 5 and 6 of Chiang Mai. After an extremely fast paced and adrenaline filled first week and a half, my body needed a day to just rest and recharge (and do some laundry and planning). Day 5 in Chiang Mai was exactly that.

The evening was a bit more exciting though. We headed to the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market, which is unlike the others nightly markets they have there. This Sunday Night Market takes place in the Old City, and has a feel more of a family street fair than a market. The streets are lined with local handcrafts, musicians playing a tune (and singing some awful karaoke) for loose change, and rows upon rows of street stalls with appetizer portions to keep you trying again and again. We had an evening of sampling food, local art, and enjoying the festive vibe of the Old City.


Day 6 was what I was waiting for in Chiang Mai. Today, we went to an elephant sanctuary called Elephant Nature Park. Elephants (around the world, not just in Thailand) are abused, beaten, mistreated and tortured – all for our viewing and entertainment pleasures. This is where the elephants go when they are rescued. It’s a free roaming sanctuary with absolutely NO riding. However, you can hug, feed, bathe, and take walks with these magnanimous creatures.


Our day with the elephants consisted of feeding, playing, learning, walking, smiling, laughing, and lunch (in no particular order). Everyone in our group got along spectacularly – and we joined a couple from Canada, Gili and Seth, for a nice dinner later that evening. Another girl in our group, Tania, will pop up later on our adventure.


Next up – Thai islands!!!


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