Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi, May 7-8th

Oh, Koh Phi Phi. I really really wanted to like you. Everyone says what a good time you are, and I think maybe one day in the past we could have been best friends. The parties here are never ending, and we did have one of the best nights out (which is sort of a prerequisite for visiting here). Imagine if you walk to the beach, but it looks more like you’re walking into a music festival. Every 20ft is a new bar, with a new fire show, a new DJ, and new drink specials. We danced the night away barefoot under the stars, with the tide reaching the dance floor. It truly was a great night, and perfect for my last few days with my friends Megan and Bridgette.

On the flip side, the locals on the island were not friendly at all, and you can also tell that it’s a massive party town. The one saving grace was a trip we did to Maya Bay (as in the island from the Leonardo DiCaprio movie ‘The Beach’), which I’ll write about in my next post. In the meantime, I’m tired and don’t have much else to say about this island itself, so I’ve opted with my ‘Ode to Phi Phi” below. Enjoy!

My dearest Koh Phi Phi, how do you compare?

I breathe in deeply and inhale the alcohol air.

You’re known as a party, and that bothers me not.

What bothers me is the rude reception we got.

From the time that we docked, until I left your shores

you felt so abrasive – like what’s mine is not yours.

We partook in the parties that lasted all night

We drank and we danced and we laughed – what a sight!

I’m fine with all techno, I’m known to love a sick beat

We even danced by the water in your unbearable heat!

Our hair matted in sweat, makeup dripping away

I couldn’t wait to see what you offered by day…

The shops opened late, the restaurants did too

Some of us are morning people, what’s a girl to do?

I needed some breakfast, perhaps bacon and eggs?

But Phi Phi’s sustenance of choice is cold beer from the kegs.

I get that your known for a drink in a bucket…

but can I have a glass of wine? Oh, no? Well…fu*k it!

My dearest Koh Phi Phi, something went wrong.

Or else I wouldn’t be writing you a poem so long.

Love you I don’t, and I’m sorry to say

I’d only return for your dear Maya Bay.

Thank you, thank you.



2 thoughts on “Koh Phi Phi

  1. Your poem is just sooo spot on. I will send everyone to this post when they ask me about Phi Phi. I did have some fun, don’t get me wrong, but one night is enough! And if you know what to expect–a cold reception and a really dirty, sweaty party–then I think it can be alright for one night. Maya Bay is a totally different story! Let’s just go back to Chiang Mai, sound good? Miss you so much!!


    1. I’m still looking at housing in Chiang Mai. So far we can get a 6 bedroom house with a pool. That should fit all of us and we can split costs.

      I wish we stayed in the beach bungalows but alas, This Is Thailand (s). Next trip we know better!

      Miss you more!


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