Maya Bay, Thailand

May 8th – 9th, 2016

Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay was on my bucket list for places I had to see (from ‘The Beach’, with Leonardo DiCaprio). To experience it fully, we went on an excursion where we slept on a boat in the bay!

We loaded a boat and headed out to sea. First was the ‘Viking Caves’, home to the most sought after birds nests for ‘birds nest soup’ (yes, that’s real and no, I didn’t try it).


We anchored a bit away and jumped into the magical clear blue waters. The snorkeling around this island was like being devoured by nature. Everywhere you looked there were new fish, sea anemones, and coral. You really didn’t need a snorkel either, as the water is crystal clear.


Finally, Maya Bay! At 5pm the national park closes, and we are left on our own on the island. The sunset was a storm of colors, and the fact that we had the beach to ourselves was something very few can experience.


After a few hours of island solitude, the magic began. We went back to the boat at about 10pm, out on our snorkeling gear – and jumped into the stars. By stars, I mean the bioluminescent plankton in the water. I imagine if you were to be catapulted into the milky way and told to swim, this would be the same effect. When you kicked, moved your arms, or just stuck your head under water – you were surrounded by millions upon millions of twinkling lights. This wasn’t just a great experience – it was one of the top 5 in my life. It’s also where I had a chance to leave one of my Dad’s photos.

After sunrise, we went to shore to take the quintessential jumping photo from the movie ‘The Beach’. We explored for a bit before the crowds rolled in, and then set sail back to Koh Phi Phi.


I can’t truly express the magic of swimming with that much bioluminescence. It’s something that you’ll have to experience for yourselves, as I was far too enthralled to care about pictures. Live in the moment.

My next adventure will be in Siem Reap, Cambodia. So with this post, I say farewell first to my friends Bridgette and Megan. If you get a chance, please check out Megan’s blog – she takes way better pictures than I do. I loved having these experiences with you both.


Sadly, I bid farewell to Thailand as well. Magical, mesmerizing, and a bit of a learning opportunity. I couldn’t ask for more.



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