Hoi An, Day 1

May 17th, 2016

I arrived in Hoi An, Vietnam after one of the most wonderful train rides of my life, and I was a girl on a mission.  Hoi An is known for their tailor made clothing (one of the best places in the world to get things made), and I wanted to go to some shops right away to make sure I had enough times for fittings. After checking out a few of the places on my list, I came across Peace Tailor, and knew this was where I wanted to get my clothing done.

I had ideas of what I wanted, and the tailor helped me with last minute adjustments to the designs and styles.  I’m not very into fashion, but I was super excited to get to do this.  After about two hours of discussions, I was fitted and ready to go for 3 dresses and 1 overcoat (side note, I only planned on getting a dress but it’s going to be cold in Europe)! My next fitting was scheduled for the following day.

I wandered the beautiful old town of Hoi An.  It’s a pedestrian only area that I can only describe as the baby of Italy and Vietnam.  The streets are narrow and lined with balconies overlooking you as you stroll, but then there are lanters strung between them to light up the path. I could have walked those streets forever.


The river by the Old Town is lined with small boats that you board, and then you release floating lanters into the water.  I’ll touch on this a bit more in my next post.


I had dinner at a restaurant where I met the most entertaining Vietnamese man, Mr.Phong.  After a decent dinner and a better conversation, Mr.Phong invited me to his village the next day to meet his wife and explore his town.  I couldn’t say no.

Next post will be all about my day with Mr.Phong!


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