Hoi An Full Moon Festival

May 19th and 20th, 2016

My last two days in Hoi An, Vietnam are a bit of a hodgepodge. After having a second and third fitting, I was all done! Welcome to my life, 3 new dresses and new topcoat! I am so happy with how they turned out!


Freja and I (my friend I met at the tailors) spent an afternoon biking to the local beach, An Bang beach. What seemed like a great way to spend the afternoon perhaps should have had a little more thought behind it! For one, theft is an issue at these beaches, so I have no pictures. Secondly, it was SCORCHING that day, and what we were told was only a mile and a half ride was a bit closer to 5 miles. Lastly, the water in Vietnam is freezing!!! However we laughed and laughed on our bike ride and attempt to swim in the ice water (ok, not that cold) so it wasn’t such a bad afternoon.

Our last night in Hoi An was the ‘Full Moon Festival’. At 7pm, the entire Old Town turns off all of the lights, and the entire city is illuminated by lanterns and light up statues. Even the restaurants participate, so as you sit by the water all you see if thousands of twinkling lights lining the streets and rivers. Hoi An was a town that I’ll never forget (and I plan to return one day). When I started this trip, I was most excited about Thailand for my Southeast Asia leg – but Vietnam won. The people, the food, the colors, the atmosphere – I never expected to love this country as much as I did.


On my next post, Freja and I head to Ho Chi Minh and explore the city with two local college students on a moped tour!



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