Athens, Greece

May 24, 2016

Oh man, it’s sometimes quite tiring traveling around the world. I arrived in Athens heavily suffering from Jetlag, and knew I had to push through or else I’d be miserable for days. I stayed in Plaka, which is right underneath the shadow of the Acropolis, and it’s reminiscent of old Athens.


The jetlag did get the best of me, so instead of spending the day cranky and going to sites, I just explored the narrow winding lanes, taking in all the colorful windows and vines running up and down the balconies. I had some wonderful souvlaki from a walk up stand, found a nice restaurant later for a meze platter of meats and cheeses.


The highlight of my lazy day was stumbling across a rooftop bar with the most stunning view of the Acropolis/Parthenon  and sunset and at night with the lights reflecting off of the mountaintop.


Sometimes you just need a day to be lazy and stroll around while eating good food and drinking white wine!

In my next post I head off to Santorini, where I’m joined by a friend from home, Stefii! I promise we were far more active in our adventures!


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