Santorini, ‘Red Beach’ and Oia

May 26th, 2016

As our last full day in Santorini, Stefii and I jammed in a few adventures. Our first stop was to head to the beach area of Akrotiri, which is home to the ‘Red Beach’.  Akrotiri is a Minoan settlement that was destroyed by the Theran eruption in about 1600 B.C., and was buried in volcanic ash.


We had lunch at one of the best places I’ve ever eaten…not because of the food, but because the seating was on a dock that jutted out into the water.  Waves would hit the platform and splash up as high as your table only from a few feet away.


The Red Beach earned it’s name because it’s sand is, well, red.  This is due to the volcanic eruption, and it’s unlike any beach I’ve ever seen.  To get there, you have no choice but to take a short hike.  This hike will bring you past a picturesque small white church, and then up and down a few hills with large boulders and perhaps not the safest steps. One you get through this, you’re greeted by a beach that is literally red, with little black stones and pebbles mixed in to create a very dark, yet undeniably beautiful beach.


After our hike, we rested and then headed to Oia for the sunset and dinner.  Oia is the area you always see in the pictures of Santorini – it’s where the largest concentration of white houses with blue roofs line the edges of the cliff.  The sunset is in the top 5 I’ve EVER seen, and we had a gyro at Pitogyros that was perhaps the best I’ve ever had.  If you’re in Santorini and you don’t eat here, you’ve made a huge mistake!


On the next post, we venture out to the sulfur filled “hot” springs, and hike up the Nea Kameni volcano!


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