Santorini, Nea Kameni Volcano and Hot Springs

May 27th, 2016

Stefii and I had some time to kill between checkout and our ferry to Crete, so we opted to do an excursion to the hot springs and hike the Nea Kameni volcano. We checked out of our hotel, said by to the awesome family who ran it, and headed into Fira to load a boat for our excursion.


The first stop of the trip was the “hot springs”.  I say “hot springs” with quotation marks because yes, they were warmer than the freezing cold water we had to jump off the boat into and them swim to the “hot springs” from…but they were by no means hot.  I’d call them the “I’d consider this to be a step below warm, and I think I’m going to die of hypothermia from my swim between the boat and here” Springs. The springs are filled with sulfur and red clay…and while I don’t have pictures, we proceeded to lather the mud all over our faces and arms.  Maybe not my most aesthetically pleasing moment on the trip – or maybe it was.

Following the “meh Springs”, we headed to Nea Kameni, which is the volcano of the caldera where people line up to view the sunsets.  It was roughly a two hour hike, which consisted of views towards Santorini where you can see the entire island looking back at you, views of the pristine blue waters and close islands, and views into the center of the volcano where some of the smoke still escapes through the tiny holes.


It was a perfect ending to our few days in Santorini, and we had Crete on our mind!

Next up, we wander through the ancient ruins of Knossos, looking for King Minos’ Minotaur!



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