Crete, Knossos and King Minos’ Minotaur

May 28th, 2016

When I convinced Stefii to go to Crete instead of Mykonos, I had a devious plan in my head.  My Mom almost forced my hand, as she insisted we must go to explore Knossos and the Minoan civilization where the legendary Minotaur roamed. So we did (you’re welcome, Mom)


We hopped on a bus and headed to the archaeological site, about 20 minutes away from our port hotel. It was an extremely hot day, but we were super stoked to go explore the ruins and the labyrinth. Well, the ruins were exactly what we wanted – a vast archeological site with plenty to explore…but just so you know, there is no maze there! In truth, we were just a little disappointed by this fact!

However, we did get a good look into the lives of the palace as they were some 5,000 years ago (about 3,500 BC). We got to see the throne room, queens chambers, areas where they stored (what we like to imagine  is) wine, and areas where the royal court entertained their guests. No Minotaur, but still worth the exploration!


After another great lunch near the ruins of Knossos, we headed to the town of Chania, Crete where we’d be spending the next two nights. We didn’t know it when we booked through a discount site, but we ended up with one of the most beautiful hotels on my entire trip!


Next post, we explore the beautiful town of Chania and wander to some lighthouses!


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