Budapest, Day 1 and 2

May 31 – June 1, 2016

I was really anticipating my trip to Budapest, not only because I heard such rave reviews of the city, but also because I’d be reuniting with my friend Niall! Niall and I met on my first European excursion, in 2010, on the ferry crossing from England to Ireland. Back then, he took the time to show me around Cork, where he was going to college, and we’ve maintained a solid friendship since then. He has some work in Budapest, so it was a great choice for a reunion!

Niall circa 2010 (Sorry, friend!)

Niall had to work my day of arrival, so I went into the center of town for some solo adventures. I headed up to the top of Saint Stephan’s Basilica in Pest to get some panoramic views of the city. Absolutely stunning.


Next, I wandered down the street to cross the Chain Bridge, and made my way to Buda for some exploring as well. Niall and I reunited and finished the night off with some delicious Hungarian goulash and a visit to a few local bars.


The next morning, Niall and I headed to his friend Csilla’s apartment, where Csilla and I bonded over our love of country music, and we perfected the Cotton Eyed Joe line dance (yes, this really happened).

After a bit of shopping, Niall and I got dressed up all fancy and headed back into the city center. Budapest has a world renowned opera, and we snagged tickets for about $3. The building was ornate and lovely, we saw The Tempest, it was in English, and I don’t think I really fancy opera. With that said, it was well worth the $3 to just experience the venue.


After the show, we reunited with Csilla and one of her friends, meandered through an exhibit at a local art gallery, and finished the evening with a nightcap at a local bar. Not a bad way to spend a day and a half.

On the next post, I opt against the public baths, and I opt for a beerfest at Buda Castle!


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