Prague, A New City and an Old Friend

June 3 – 4, 2016

I’ve been looking so forward to Prague, not just for the city itself, but for a reunion with an old friend! Before I set out on my travels, a friend from middle/high school, Rebecca Vogt, reached out and told me she’d be living abroad and working for a few months. Well what do you know, our dates worked out, and we’ve been chatting up a storm between rekindling an old friendship and building a new one. She’s an amazing photographer, and if you get a moment, go check out her pictures here:

or @beccavphotography on Instagram!

So the time came for me to arrive to Prague! After a long bus ride, Becca and I decided on some dinner, a casual stroll around Prague’s ‘Old Town’, and some drinks. We had a great traditional dinner, visited the underwhelming astronomical clock, and finished up with a few hours of laughing in a pub. Good start to a long weekend!


The next morning, we set off on our adventures! We wandered through the ‘Old Town’ again en route to the Jewish Cemetary, only to find out it was closed that day. Luckily, we had plan B already created. Off we went across the Charles Bridge, which has some of the most intricate statues carved into its railings, and ended up by Prague Castle.


Our first stop was St. Nicolas Church, a beautiful baroque cathedral with stunning statues and an unbelievable hand painted ceiling. Next off, we headed to Prague Castle for a view of the city below, and a visit to St. Vitas Cathedral. Legend has it that Saint Wencelsas was killed clutching one of the church handles while trying to get sanctuary into the church…and by legend, I mean we completely made it up by accident. The door handle is on display with some of his artifacts inside the church, so that much is true.


After the Prague Castle tour, we headed to one of the best Beer Garden’s I’ve ever seen, called Letva. It was in a park on the outskirts of the city, and had views that stretched for miles!

Our last venture for the day was to a free beer festival at another park. In the states, it would have cost us $20 to get in, plus $8 a beer..but marvelous Prague allowed free entry, cheap beers, great food, and free love music with city views.


I’d say we had a successful whirlwind day!

More Prague adventures with Becca on my next post!


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