Prague, Jewish Quarter and Boat Tour

June 5, 2016

My friend Becca and I joined forces in the morning and headed towards the Jewish Quarter of Prague.

Our first stop was the Jewish Cemetery. After waiting for a bit, we were admitted inside. The Jewish Cemetery is important historically, because the Jewish population of Prague was repeatedly denied more land in to expand the cemetery, and had to build upwards instead. This was done by packing the deceased as many as twelve people on top of one another. It was interesting, yes, but also a major tourist attraction where I felt herded through a nonstop line around the tombstones – and I didn’t feel like it gave justice to those who were buried within the walls (or the history of the cemetery).


We then meandered through some of the synagogues of the quarter, and both decided to find a deli for lunch. Very busy morning and afternoon that day.


Not knowing that to do next, we walked back towards the river, and hopped on a boat for a tour of Prague from the water. I always find boat tours to be a unique way to see a city from a different perspective.


We ended my time in Prague by having a seafood feast, complete with oysters, calamari, shrimp – you name it, we are it.


I wish I had a few more days to spend exploring Prague…but my next stop was Paris, where my boyfriend would be meeting me. So until next time, Prague!

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