Paris, Catacombs and Luxembourg

June 10th, 2016

Today was our last day in Paris, and it also happened to be the start of the Eurocup being hosted by France! This city has been electric the last few days, the night before we watched the Eiffel Tower give us a light show (partly due to the free David Guetta concert to open up the Euro), and it continued to change from the colors of the French flag to twinkling with sparkling lights until late into the night!

Brad and I made our way to the catacombs first thing in the morning. The idea of millions of people being buried under our feet as we walk fascinates me. Brad, well he could do without the visit to the dark tunnels, but he’s a supportive boyfriend. We waited and we waited, and finally we climbed down below the city and entered the ‘City of the Dead’, and wandered through the twisting and turning tunnels of bones. Such a pleasant start to the day!


My best friend’s little brother, Austin, just graduated from the Naval Academy, and he and his girlfriend got the chance to travel a bit through Europe at the same time we did. Although we didn’t get too much time together, it was so nice to see him and meet his girlfriend, Alex!


After the catacombs, we made our way through one of the Parisian cemeteries. Apparently, I was in a morbid dark side of Paris mood that day. However, the mausoleums there are so intricately designed and interesting to look at.


To increase our mood a bit, we then wandered to Luxembourg Gardens, which is a sprawling park in the heart of Paris. Luxembourg used to be a palace, but I can’t remember exactly what it’s function is now – something with government I believe. The gardens are beautiful, vast, and a perfect way to spend and afternoon.


That evening, we lounged at the apartment, and heard the city come alive as France began the Euro Cup, and won its first match! Overall, I’d say our Paris portion of the trip was successful!

On the next post, we’re off to Amsterdam!


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