Bavaria, Dinkelsbuhl and Rothenburg

July 15, 2016

My Mom arrived in Germany yesterday for the start of this portion of the trip! She flew into Frankfurt, which gave me the chance to see my friend Julia! Julia and I met at the beginning of my travels in Costa Rica, and we have been in correspondence ever since. That’s one of the best aspects of traveling, building relationships with people without inhibitions. We all have our own battles to fight, and Julia is a very strong woman, who I am glad and lucky to call a friend! We had a bit of time to grab some lunch, and then sadly we parted our separate ways. I know we’ll see each other again soon though!


My Mom has always dreamed of taking a route called ‘The Romantic Road’ which is a driving path through Bavaria, with old medieval towns and rolling hills, ending in the Alps. Our first three nights, we called Dinkelsbühl our home. It was a picturesque town, and we laughed saying it looks like something built by Disney. Our first morning, we explored the city streets, walked the old stone wall surrounding the city, and visited a beautiful church in the heart of town.


After exploring our “home”, we drove to the town of Rothenburg. Rothenburg is majestic, and would be the setting you’d expect for any film that takes place in medieval times. This town is much larger than where we’re staying, and it took a few hours to wander the inner portion as well as the ramparts.


That evening, we took a tour with the Rothenburg Night Watchman. He has been giving tours of the city for over 25 years, and provides a keen insight into the history. We heard antidotes of the past, as well as learned that the city was only spared during World War II because an American commander heard the American forces were going to demolish it. His mother had visited the town prior, and loved it so much that he couldn’t see it destroyed. It just so happens the German general was out of the city for one night, and one night was all it took for the American commander to get the German forces to surrender. After the war, he was given a key to the city for its preservation.


We had such a great first few days, and on the next post, we explore more of Rothenburg!

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