Bavaria, Rothenburg and Harburg

June 17, 2016

So our adventures along the Romantic Road in Germany continued for a few more days. After spending an entire afternoon in the town of Rothenburg, we felt we had a bit more to see – so we hopped back into the car and headed back that way. However, we had a stop to make first!

Brad’s Grandma is an expert at genealogy, and she gave us some information about where in Germany their family was from. One of the towns happened to not only be close to us, but on the way to Rothenburg! We made that our first stop of the day at Wallhausen, a ridiculously small town, and Brad got a picture of a sign with its name on it too! Success!


After our heritage detour, we meandered through the medieval town for a few more hours and then drove leisurely home through rolling hills, stopping for some great photos too. The Bavarian countryside is full of lush green rolling hills and quaint small towns. Every few kilometers (remember, I’m in Europe here – what’s a mile?!) you stumble across another small town, another picturesque view, or another old church.


The next morning, we packed our things and hopped in the car to start heading to our next destination on the Romantic Road. The drive was short (an hour, perhaps), and we went to explore a castle on a hilltop! It’s called Harburg Castle, and the town below it looks like a picture book. We had a bit of a hike (my Mom’s a trooper for doing that!), but got the chance to have a cold beer in the castle courtyard.



I have a lot of exploring left to do in this area – I’ll definitely be back!

On my next blog post, we head south towards Nuchwenstein Castle and the Bavarian Alps!


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