Innsbruck, Austria

June 21, 2016

So the morning prior, I dropped Bradley off at the airport, and my Mom and I departed on our leg of the trip together! Our first stop was Innsbruck, Austria. This town is world renowned for their winter sports, as it sits in a deep valley in the Alps. The peaks are still capped with snow, and the old portion of the city is bustling with activity year round.


Our first day, my Mom and I strolled through the old city center, enjoying leisurely paced coffee breaks and meals at outdoor cafes. We stumbled into the most beautiful church, the cathedral of St. Jakob. Something about baroque architecture keeps me in awe. It was one of the best churches I’ve visited on my trip!


One thing that I really loved about this location is that we could just relax in the evenings. We had the most beautiful AirBnB on the mountainside. It was a log house with two stories available to us, and it had two stunning outdoor decks for us to sit outside and enjoy the mountain and city views.


On the next post, my Mom and I wander up mountains and inside of hills. Plus, there’s yodeling.



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