Venice, Italy

June 23 – 27, 2016

I’ve been looking so forward tour stop in Venice. To me, there’s something mysterious about this city hidden with twirling lanes and dark canals. Known for its history of debauchery and gambling, Venice feels like it wants to know your secrets (and that it can keep them to).

I love walking cities, which is another reason I was so stoked for Venice – a city with no motors (unless they’re on a boat)! We stayed in an apartment on a quiet courtyard and had the city at our fingertips.


The nice thing about Venice was that we didn’t do anything “major”. We went and saw all of the big sites from the outside (grand canal, Saint Mark’s Basilica) and ventured into the Friari – a beautiful church in the San Polo neighborhood.


We wandered into mask shops and tried on the Venetian masks, we ate until our hearts content, and we strolled and strolled through the streets.


One thing we did do was a ghost walking tour of the city. We learned how people used to dress in full masquerade style outfits and you could literally pass your spouse on the street and not know. I couldn’t imagine how frightening it must have been to walk through the alleyways there when there were no lights and danger could lurk anywhere.


We also spent an afternoon in the Jewish Quarter of the city, where the inhabitants used to only enter through one guarded bridge. We went to a museum there, had lunch at a deli (best fried artichokes!), and then proceeded to get lost again wandering the streets.


In truth, Venice is a beautiful city – but I wouldn’t dedicate over three days to it. It feels very old Europe, which is lovely, but it was REALLY hot and could be pretty tiring.

On the next post, Mom and I head to Florence!


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