Florence, Italy – A Day in Tuscany

June 30, 2016

I love wine. Let us go ahead and get that out of the way right now. As a wine connoisseur (joke, I drink it all) it was absolutely mandatory for my Mom and I to spend a day venturing around the Tuscan countryside.  Since we only had one day to sample wines, we both agreed that it was best to do a guided tour and get the most bang for our buck.

The drive out of Florence was a picturesque one. We passed some of the bigger sites, then headed into a rolling landscape of Tuscany.  The lush green hills gave way into beautiful manors atop rows and rows of grape fields, or as I like to call it – Heaven.

Tuscany view.jpg

Our first stop of the day was at a locally owned family winery. There, we explored the cellars, grape fields, and had a tasting of their wines and olive oil.  Just a note, the wine from this family is only sold locally and can’t be bought in stores.  I really enjoyed their chianti, but I quickly learned I am not a fan of cold pressed olive oil. It was more exciting to tour the winery itself and see the beautiful chateau they call home.

Next, we headed into a small town called Greve, which is a cute little Renaissance town with shop lined streets and family owned restaurants.  We sampled (yet again, because, Italy) some local gelato and had a perfectly made cappuccino in a local shop while people watching.


The last stop of the winery tour was a wine that I’ve had many times – Santa Margherita (shout out to their pinot grigio!).  The best part of this whole experience was the prosecco we got treated to as a ‘welcome’ gift.  I’m down for any tour that gives me wine while looking at wine.  We sipped and we laughed…and then we sipped some more. We got to see how all of the wine was made, I got to hug giant barrels of wine, and then we got to take another lovely ride back to Florence.

We were off to Rome the next day.  I personally loved Florence, and think I could easily get lost here for a month or two – so I’ll be back.


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