Rome in a Day

July 1, 2016

You’ve all heard that Rome wasn’t build in day, but it was visited in one. My Mom was flying out of Italy on July 2nd, so for the last day of our time together, we boarded a train and headed into Rome. Just a note, we almost missed our train – in fact, we got to the station two minutes after it was set to depart but it was delayed by 4 minutes! Completely unrelated to the rest of this post, but without the delay this post wouldn’t even be happening!

When I picture Rome, I picture two things: The Colosseum and The Vatican. Of course on the day we are going to be in Rome, The Colosseum is closed (which apparently NEVER happens). Since that wasn’t an option, we checked into our hotel at the airport and were off to The Vatican.  One Friday a month, The Vatican opens its doors in the evening allowing for visitors to meander through the halls and grounds as the sun is setting.  This sounded marvelous to me, so I booked two tickets and we were ready to go.


No, I didn’t see the Pope, but I did see some of the most beautiful halls I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Even before getting to the Sistine Chapel, I was speechless about the art that adorned the walls.

We could have easily spent two full days looking at all the paintings, statues, and art that adorned the walls.  There was a room with giant sculptures that made me laugh, rooms with medieval art, rooms with modern art, rooms with relics, room with the most splendid globes I’ve ever seen.

The highlight was the paintings by Michelangelo on the roof of the Sistine Chapel.  Now, you aren’t supposed to take pictures of the ceiling…I took pictures of the ceiling…deal with it. You would too if you were there.  It gave me chills to be in that room.


Our night finished with us having our last pasta meal (I was SO sick of pasta by the end of Italy…and I’m never sick of pasta!), a few glasses of wine, and then some sleep since we both had early flights in the morning. The next day, my Mom and I said our goodbyes and ventured our own separate ways. This is a trip I will forever be thankful of her for joining (and paying for the Airbnb’s – HEY MOM, LOVE YOU).

This concludes the portion of the trip with my Mom, but begins the next portion of my trip in England with one of my favorite people from FSU!


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