England and Old Friends

July 2 – July 5, 2016

So I must admit that I’m extremely lucky – this isn’t my first backpacking trip, but actually my second. On my first solo trip I spent time in both London and Manchester and did all the touristy items, so I decided to return to both places to visit friends from college – and avoid all the spots with large crowds!

My first visit was to see the sweetest friend ever, Eryn, and her husband, Jamie. Eryn and I had two items on our agenda – eat lots of food and spend lots of time in the parks. London has some of the most stunning parks for any city, and we got blessed with decent weather my whole visit. The first day, we wandered to a food market and ate as much as we could manage. Following our meal, we were off to Regents Park, to stroll through the perfect rose garden and drink cider on a bench. It was a perfect afternoon.


The next day, I was lucky enough to not just spend the day with Eryn, but two of my friends, Amy and Brandon, from back home were in London also! We spent the day venturing to Parliament Hill, which is a park with a panorama view of the city, and also made a stop at Abbey Road for a Beetles picture! That afternoon, we all got together for a Sunday Roast. If you haven’t had a Sunday Roast in England – you need to. It’s one of the best parts of being in England.


The evening ended with a bit more time spent in a park, bidding our farewells to Amy and Brandon, and then relaxing at Eryns house before an early train the next day. It was a perfect non-touristy stop in London!


The next post will take us to Manchester for a day!



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